I believe that healing finds us when we connect to Mother Nature, stillness and our inner wisdom. I facilitate workshops and create safe spaces that provide women with a gateway to access these life enriching gifts.


I’m Fern! I’m a Botanical Artist and Sister Circle Facilitator. I bring women together and use creative practices and sacred sharing circles, to guide women deeper into themselves so they can live a life that feels nourishing, inspired and aligned.

This space is for the women who:

●     Is craving growth and more richness and meaning in her life

●     Wants to reach her full potential

●     Is yearning for deep connections with like minded women

●     Wants to explore the healing properties of nature and creativity

●     Is experiencing challenges in her life that she’s not sure how to navigate.

I honour you and see the divine in you, beautiful woman!

I’m here to hold your hand as you journey forward. Offer you love as you courageously grow and expand, and cheer you on as you create epic shifts!


A soulfully curated collection of offerings to help you connect with your True Self, facilitate introspection and growth, and move forward in your life in a way that feels wholeheartedly you.

The following workshops can be attended on the scheduled dates, or you can book in for a special event in your life like a Blessingway or Birthday Celebration. I invite you to contact me here to enquire about these packages.


Sister Circles

Join a Sister Circle, a 5 week group journey to help you explore your inner world, navigate life’s challenges and become the most authentic expression of yourself.


Wellbeing workshops

Attend a Botanical Mandala workshop and allow the creative process to silence your mind, deliver messages from your Soul and return you to your wholeness.


about me

I’m a passionate and big hearted Botanical Artist, qualified Sister Circle Facilitator, Visual Arts teacher and life lover.