Welcome to my online sanctuary, beautiful lady. I’m Fern. It’s a pleasure to have you here.

I’m a passionate and big hearted Botanical Artist, qualified Sister Circle Facilitator, Visual Arts teacher and life lover.

Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve been a lover of botanicals. Even to this day I continue to connect deeply to nature - speaking to plants, getting lost in the beauty of flowers, and soaking up the stillness of Mama Earth. I love to fill books with pressed blooms, sketches and botanical art creations.

It’s my soul purpose in this lifetime to help women connect with the truth of who they really are and transform their lives. I call upon sacred ancient wisdom, creative practices, the support of botanicals (of course!) and create safe spaces where they can crack open and heal, to help them navigate this journey.

I wholeheartedly believe that:

●     Life is best served with a slice of presence, stillness, gratitude and a bouquet of fresh flowers

●     Life shifts when we connect to the truth of who we are (not who everyone else says we should be), stand in our power and courageously step towards the light

●     Nature is a teacher and profound healing comes when we connect with her

●     The creative process has the power to offer insights that transform our lives

●     Everything we need and yearn for can be found within us.

When I’m not playing with botanicals you can find me hanging out with my husband and kiddies (my business is named after my daughters, Ruby and Ivy!), gifting my friends reiki sessions and oracle card readings, laughing loudly, sipping on a red wine, teaching Visual Arts and reading books (‘The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart’ is one of my favourites!)

Thank you for being here and, most of all, thank you for being you.

Fern xxx