Kind Words


Here’s what some of the sweet women I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with in the past have said about our time together ...


“I am so thankful I was able to experience the magic of Fern’s Sister Circle. The process of connecting, sharing, and supporting is something we all need regularly but it is way too often missing in our lives. What I learnt the most was that there is no right time for deciding to open up to our soul sisters, wherever you are right now is perfect. I felt the perfect amount of being out of my comfort zone balanced by knowing that this is exactly what I needed, my inspired action is what leads me to my magic and I couldn’t think of a better soul to have taken my hand along the way. Fern is the most beautiful healer and will NEVER fail to make you laugh and cry until you are overflowing with joy, love and gratitude. Thank you Sista!” - Lexy Castner.

“Fern instantly makes you feel at home - there’s something about her energy that invites you to leave your ego at the door, relax, and show up as your true self. She makes you feel seen, heard and unconditionally loved. She’s also hilarious, which I find to be so refreshing in the world of personal growth and spirituality” - Che Johnson.

“As someone who was a complete stranger to “Sister Circles” and all that was involved, I did not expect to reap such tremendous rewards from taking part in Fern’s beautiful sisterhood journey. Fern immediately makes you feel comfortable and absolutely relaxed with her easy and open manner. At first for me, it was a confronting experience, however after the first session I could not wait to go again the next week. Looking after two small children at home, I had become lost in a sea of service. Service for my children, my family, and also to expectations I had placed upon myself to be the perfect mother. I had lost my sense of self and could not figure out why I felt unhappy despite being so blessed. Fern, along with the wonderful ladies in my sister circle, helped me to see through the haze I was in and opened up a new way of thinking and living. Alongside my fellow sisters, I felt empowered and found clarity in my thoughts. This burst of energy was almost instant and it radiated from myself to all my relationships for the better. Fern is a fantastic facilitator, she gives you the freedom to reveal and share your truth and celebrate your feminine strength for all that it is. I highly recommend an experience with Fern and to enjoy it for all that it is worth” - Sharon Adams.

“At a time in my life where there were many challenges, Fern’s Sister Circle was a true blessing that guided me to reconnect with what was important…me…and a reminder of what truly matters in life. A beautiful and nurturing mindfulness journey, with both laughter and tears, that gently reminds you that you are not alone. The sisterhood is powerful especially when guided by the embrace of warmth and love that oozes from the divine Fern. Thank you Fern for awakening my inner chakras” - Steph Preston