Sister Circles


a Sister circle is…

A journey that is taken with a small group of women who want to transform their lives. For 2 hours each week, for 5 weeks, we will come together and share what’s present for us in our lives, what we’re working through and/or celebrating, and what we need to shift so we can step into the most authentic expressions of ourselves. Sister Circles allow us the opportunity to take off the masks so many of us wear in our everyday lives and be celebrated for who we truly are.

There is no right or wrong in Circle.

There is no judgement in Circle.

There is no need to be anyone other than yourself in Circle.

There is only pure love and acceptance in Circle. You will feel supported, seen and safe to come as you are and simply be (beautiful) you.

Within a Sister Circle you can expect:

●     Candlelight, meditation and quiet time for your Soul and nervous system to decompress and settle

●     A sacred alter, created from my heart, for you to feast your eyes upon and connect your heart to

●     Rituals, to help you ground in and connect with your Self and your Guides

●     Sharing (as much or as little as feels right for you)

●     Listening to and holding space for your Sisters to share and feel heard, valued and loved

●     Laughter! Because with darkness, there is always light.

As my dear trainer Kate, the founder of Sister Circles so eloquently shares ...

‘Circles are medicine; they are deep remembering; they are Sisterhood; they are healing’.

My next 5 Week Sister Circle Journey, in Brisbane will begin Thursday 15th August 2019:


Here’s some of the questions I commonly get asked about Sister Circles ...

I’m scared to share with the group. I know it would be healing to, but I’ve kept everything bottled up for years. Is it okay for me come and choose not to share if I feel like I can’t? Yes, of course that’s okay beautiful. Sister Circles are all about you tuning in to what’s right for you. Many women find that they feel inspired to share once they’ve settled in and held space for their Sisters to be heard, but your journey is your own and whatever you decide is perfect.

What if I can’t make all 5 weeks of the Circle? I understand that sometimes, life happens, and for one reason or another you may have to miss a Circle. That’s okay. I do ask that you try as hard as you can to get to all of them though - not only is it healing for you, it’s healing for your Sisters to feel the support of the whole group throughout your journey together.

I really want to come, but don’t have anyone to come with. Will I be the only person there alone? No, you most definitely won’t be the only woman who comes alone. Many women come alone! Although the Circles are so much about the power of the collective, they’re also a deeply personal journey making them perfect to come to with your beautiful Self.

Where did you learn to run Sister Circles? I had the honour of becoming a qualified Sister Circle Facilitator through the work of Kate Reed. You can find out more about Kate here.