Wellbeing Workshops


Botanical mandala workshop

In many spiritual traditions, the mandala symbolises wholeness, and represents the constant cycles we move through in life. Creating them is often used as a process to connect to Self, gain wisdom and experience deep healing and transformation.

In my Botanical Mandala workshop you will use fresh gifts from nature to create your very own sacred mandala - one that is born from your heart and represents the energetic essence of your true self. Using intention setting and meditation, you’ll be invited to use this creative practice to silence your mind, receive the messages your Soul has for you (it’s amazing what presents itself when we get still enough) and return to your wholeness.

After your mandala is birthed, we will spend time reflecting on and sharing about our creations and our experience of bringing it to life (please note that sharing is always optional). You will be emailed a photo of your mandala to use for future reflection, in your meditation practice, or to print as a memory of your journey and the insights you received. You will also be gifted a small crystal to use in the centre of your mandala. If you have your own crystals or other sacred pieces you want to incorporate into your piece, then please feel free to bring them to include. 

This 2 hour workshop offers a beautiful experience of ritual, meditation, connection and creativity. Absolutely no artistic experience is necessary! I look forward to sharing the magic of mandala making with you.